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Instead of going to the same old parties, or just staying home and handing out candy, why not get out and explore haunted Annapolis this Halloween?

Annapolis Tours and Crawls offers Haunted Pub Crawls and Walking Ghost Tours so you can visit the spirits that reside at our most historic pubs, taverns and buildings. If you’re lucky, you might meet some of Annapolis’ oldest residents at haunted places like Middleton Tavern, Rams Head Tavern, Reynolds Tavern, Federal House and others.

Here are three scary tours – which one will you try this Halloween?

  1. Walking Ghost Tour

This 90-minute ghost walk leads you through the Historic District to explore Annapolis’ dark and spooky history. Meet spirits like Joe Morgue, a long-dead grave digger who may continue digging even today,  and The Headless Man, who lost his head during a sword fight.

  1. Haunted Pub Crawl

The scary stories you’ll hear during this spirited pub crawl will leave you needing to take a drink to calm your nerves. Hear tales of Annapolis’ most famous dead residents as you go from tavern to pub to bar in our historic city. You’ll have time to enjoy a drink at each stop before hearing about the haunted tales of each location.

  1. Twisted History Crawl

This 2-hour walking tour (approximately ½ of a mile) takes you on a journey through Annapolis’ nightlife and haunted past. Let the “Twisted Historian” tell you which pub was the most popular brothel in town and which tavern one of America’s founding fathers was chased out of for being drunk and disorderly! You’ll spend about 20 minutes at each location, enjoying a cocktail while hearing about the murder and mayhem that took place long ago on our city streets.

Image courtesy of Annapolis Tours & Crawls



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