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I once helped someone move, and it was an eye-opening experience. She emptied closets, cabinets, and dressers and threw everything on the floor. As a neatnick, it was quite a shock to the system, especially since it made packing a zillion times harder than it needed to be.

Though moving is not the most fun thing to do, it does not have to be stressful, chaotic, or disorganized. Moving into your new apartment at Creekstone Village should be exciting! The key is staying organized while packing and having a plan in place when unpacking. Here’s what I have done in the past when moving:

Pack in stages

A week or two before you move, pack items that you will not need, like books, out-of-season clothes, artwork, decorative items, and non-essential kitchen items you rarely use (blender, pizza stone, champagne flutes). Pack essentials, like toiletries, bath towels, shower curtains, bedding, and every day kitchenware (glassware, dishes, and eating utensils) last.

Minimize packing materials

The less you pack, the less you will have to unpack, and that is especially true when it comes to packing materials. Wrap fragile items in socks, scarves, towels and sheets. Use small rugs and reusable shopping bags as cushioning on the bottom of boxes.

Label boxes

As you pack boxes, label them with contents and room: Utensils and pans, KITCHEN. Toiletries and towels, MASTER BATH. Books, LIVING ROOM. When movers are carrying boxes into your new apartment, they’ll know where to put everything without asking you every 10 seconds where something goes.

Number and inventory boxes

This might sound a little OCD, but it’s a smart move. Once the movers are done unpacking your furniture and boxes, you’ll have to sign off on delivery. It will be harder to recover your items (or receive compensation for missing items) if you don’t know what is missing until a few days or weeks later. Number each box and keep a running list of box numbers, content, and room. Check off each box as it is placed in your apartment.

Unpack with a plan

Always tackle essentials first. Get your bed set up and made first, then unpack toiletries and towels and hang up your shower curtain. Now that you have a place to sleep and a way to shower, unpack every day kitchen items so you can eat. Clothes should be unpacked next, so you have something to wear in 3 days’ time.

The rest of your kitchen, decorative items, artwork, and books – all the things that make home feel like “home” – can be unpacked at your convenience over the next couple of weeks.

Get the boxes out of the way

As you unpack boxes, flatten then and stack them in a corner where they won’t be in the way. Every day, make a trip or two (or four) to the recycling area at your apartment complex. The faster you get the packing material out of your apartment, the better you’ll feel.

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