Add to Your Collection at Devintage Vinyl Records and Toys - Creekstone Apartments
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You’ll never believe how many records you’ll find at Devintage Vinyl Records and Toys. How this shop fits so many titles in such a narrow sliver of a shop simply remains a mystery. Devintage Vinyl Records and Toys is nestled in the corner of one of the many small plazas along Mountain Road, so you can easily stop in to browse their collection, have a chat with the owner, or pick up a record that you’ve always wanted to have in your collection. 

Devintage has everything from golden oldies and classic rock to gospel and disco and everything in between (including new releases). Other vintage finds are tucked into every corner and crevice of the shop, like audio gear, home décor, and sports memorabilia. Even the furniture has a cool, retro vibe, and for the right price you could take that home too. 

Devintage Vinyl Records and Toys is closed on Tuesdays, but opens at 11 a.m. the rest of the week. 


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