Bring a Craving for Seafood to Kent Island Crab Co. in Pasadena - Creekstone Apartments
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When you order a dozen large crabs at Kent Island Crab Co., you can count on them actually being large. The word that customers use to describe the signature seafood at Kent Island, time and time again, is “heavy.” That’s because the family-run kitchen never skimps when it comes to their locally famous crabs—that’s probably why they’ve been in business for three decades.

Their notoriously friendly service and perfect seasoning techniques don’t hurt, either. Stop by to pick up some of the seafood and take your pick from small, medium, large, or extra-large steamed crabs (you can also get them live). You might want to pair an order of the steamed crawfish with the main course. The carryout spot dishes out some other foods designed for you to cook at home, like the frozen shrimp, frozen fish fillets, and breaded oysters and clam strips. 


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