Customize Your Cuisine at Red Tiger Asian BBQ Grill - Creekstone Apartments
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The team at Red Tiger Asian BBQ Grill offers a build-your-own approach to its cuisine that has customers abuzz. You’re invited to design your own bowl or wrap, starting with a base like white or brown rice, wheat noodles, or a salad. Then pick one of the signature meats to toss on top, such as bulgogi beef or spicy chicken. Add extras like kimchi and bean sprouts, then select a sauce, perhaps the mild teriyaki sauce or the spicy gochujang.

When you don’t feel like building your meal from the ground up, the chef also offers a handful of suggestions. You can always dig into the traditional bibimbap, a rice bowl topped with a fried egg and a mix of veggies. The Red Tiger wrap, on the other hand, stuffs your choice of meat and rice into a plain, honey-wheat, or gluten-free wrap with a medley of veggies and your chosen sauce. Wash down everything with a strawberry-lemonade or power green smoothie, or try a dessert like the green tea mochi ice cream.


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