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If there is one thing Maryland is known for, it’s our crabs! Whether you’ve lived here a week or your entire life, you’ve likely noticed, and hopefully tasted, all the tasty crab dishes on local menus. But have you tried cooking it at home? It’s an art form that every Marylander should master! There is one place that has to be on your radar for fresh seafood, and that’s Kent Island Crab Co. 

This unassuming local seafood joint brings in fresh, local seafood daily and has been for the past 30 years. It feels good to support local, and it’s so easy to do with phenomenal spots like this. On any given day, you can walk in and grab fresh local crab, whether you want them whole, live or steamed, or just the fresh crab meat ready to be prepared. Try your hand at steamed crab with butter, or a crab cake at home! 

In addition to crab, Kent Island Crab Co. has everything from lobster to fish, shrimp to oysters, even alligator meat! 


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