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Okay, admit it – at least one of your New Year’s resolutions was related to health and fitness! Maybe you need to lose some extra pounds, or perhaps you want to get in shape for your favorite sport. You may even just need a routine to get back on track after indulging over the holidays.

Whatever your motivation for working out, Creekstone Village can help you get to your goal with a beautiful, state-of-the-art gym available to all residents. Our club-inspired fitness center features cardio and strength-building equipment to help you become the best you. And, we even have a dog park to keep your favorite pooch in shape, too!

Here are seven helpful tips to help you stay on track in 2015 and make it your healthiest year ever:

  1. Get up early

This tip will be simple for some people, nearly impossible for others. However, busy young professionals can benefit from getting up early to work out instead of waiting until after work, when they may be exhausted from a busy day. So, set your alarm an hour earlier three to four days a week, and check your workout of the to-do list.

  1. Track your progress

Buy a calendar and hang it in an obvious spot in your apartment; devote this calendar solely to your workouts. Each day you skip a workout, mark it with a huge, red “X.” Facing all of those “X”s will serve as a visual reminder that it’s time to step it up!

  1. Use the buddy system

Implement this twist on the good ole’ standby of working out with a friend. Find a friend and make a pact to set up a “Lazy Jar.” Whenever someone skips a workout, he or she has to put 5 bucks into the jar. Whenever the jar gets to $20, that person has to buy a gift for the other one using the money.

  1. Be fashionably fit

Get yourself pumped up to head to the gym by looking the part. Instead of working out in the same sweats each day, treat yourself to a new outfit or two. A stylish workout set, or a pair of little Spandex shorts may give you the boost you need to psych yourself up for your routine.

  1. Set your soundtrack

Who doesn’t like to hear upbeat music during their workout? Reward yourself—and keep your workouts fresh – by changing your iPod playlists each week with new music. Rotate oldies, but goodies from your mp3 collection, or treat yourself to some new tunes to keep you interest and energy levels up while you sweat.

  1. Plan for lazy

Even the most dedicated among us need a lazy day now and then. Buy a few basics for when you just don’t feel like hitting the gym, but you want to stay on track. Just an exercise mat and two weights of your choice will do the trick. Do a few bicep curls, crunches, lunges, and stretches, and get back to the gym the next day.

  1. Avoid the scale

You may be tempted to see how much progress you’ve made, but fitness experts suggest weighing yourself only occasionally. When you build muscle, your weight will likely go up before it goes down, and this can be frustrating and lead you to go off track. Weigh yourself every week or two if you must, but try to use other indicators to track your success.



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