Shimmy Your Way to a Stronger Body at Jazzercise Fitness Center - Creekstone Apartments
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If you want to mix up your workout routine, try one of the dance-centric classes at Jazzercise Fitness Center. The Pasadena studio offers a schedule of classes that pull from different genres of dance. With a few classes offered each morning and evening, there should be a session that fits into your daily routine.

Kick off your week with an early-morning Dance Mixx class on Mondays. The instructor pumps up the top 40 jams and then leads students through a routine of high-intensity modern dance movements with a bit of strength-training sprinkled in. If you want to torch even more calories, try the Interval Dance Mixx class, which makes use of high-intensity interval training. This involves short bursts of energy and periods of rest to really rev up your metabolism. The studio also offers straight strength training classes and fusion sessions.


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