Sip Old-World Drinking Chocolate at Amara Chocolate & Coffee - Creekstone Apartments
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It’s hard to miss Amara Chocolate & Coffee. If the blue awnings next to the free public parking garage on Pasadena’s South Raymond don’t tip you off, the crowds waiting for a table for Sunday brunch certainly will. 

Once you’re seated, you’ll understand why so many locals have decided that Amara is worth the wait. In addition to the chocolate and coffee featured in the restaurant’s name, the kitchen specializes in Venezuelan favorites like arepas, cachapas, and tostones, as well as a selection of sandwiches. Yelpers particularly recommend the suegra arepas, the llarena cachapa, and the breakfast sandwiches on the house croissants or baguettes. On the weekends, Amara is open late, which makes it an attractive option for post-dinner drinks and desserts (regulars say to try the churros con chocolate). No matter what you order to eat, regulars say that the restaurant’s old-world style drinking chocolate shouldn’t be missed. 



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