Crazy Crab Serves Fresh Seafood in Glen Burnie

September 4, 2021

New to the area, Crazy Crab is serving up yummy seafood to enjoy in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. At this eatery in Glen Burnie, you can enjoy anything from crabs to lobsters, chicken wings, and cocktails. Some of their tasty dishes you’ll want to try include the hush puppies, shrimp (head-on or headless), crawfish, snow crab legs, blue crabs, and snow crab legs. For cocktails, order one of their Crabs in the Beach, Shark Attack, or a Strawberry Henny to tickle your taste buds and pair with your meal. 

Upon arrival, you’ll get to enjoy a spacious layout filled with booths and table, along with a bar counter and a few stools as well. You’ll also see crab and lobster wall decor everywhere. It’s a bright, colorful place and full of excitement as you unwind in this setting and dive into a savory dish.